Base Metals, Precious Metals, Platinum Group Metals


Your waste is a resource, we help you change cost to revenue. We harvest Precious Metals and Base Metals as an effective alternative to mining. We currently process 20,000 MT of waste a year, diverting this from the landfills. We take care of our customers and the environment.

We are Reimagining Sustainability.

Environmental Solution (Asia) Pte Ltd was founded on a strong belief in Sustainability – a company with an environmental and social purpose. . We are a company founded on a value system, Safety, Integrity, Honesty, Ownership and Frugality. Our core values shapes our conduct and guides us through all aspects of our Business. We have been harvesting base and precious metals from spent resources from various industries and currently divert about 20,000MT of waste per year away from the landfills. We also harvests heat energy from 500MT a year of waste wood and electrical energy from the sun from our own 750KWp Solar PV roof, that certifies us as 130MTCO2 eq carbon negative. It is through the harvesting of spent resources in this circular economy, that we can truly look forward to a more sustainable future.

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Founded in 1999, Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd envisioned to re-shape Asia’s Environmental Landscape. With a company built on ethos & core values. permeating a world class facility, company culture and business conduct. Extending to a market gaze that transcends international borders. 


Our people are our greatest resource. We value their well being and happiness in high regard. We encourage continual improvement and self-development. We harness the full potential of Our People, by creating a working environment that is stimulating, challenging, rewarding and safe for our people.

Join us in Reimagining Sustainability.