Achievements and Goals

Our Achievements 

  • 20 000 tons per year of metal bearing wastes transformed back to metal concentrates
  • negative carbon footprint of -130 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents
  • 750 KWp solar panels
  • 500 tons of waste wood turned to energy per year

Our goals for 2020

Metal concentrates become metals: We start to process our metal concentrates to metals, integrating a further step into our supply chain and providing our customers with extra value.

Giving packaging waste a second life: We start to process plastics to diesel oil and thus divert 20 000 tons of plastic per year away from the landfill whilst producing local diesel fuel for transportation needs.

Gasifying more wood waste: We enhance our capacities and process more waste wood to gas and electricity. This is crucial in order to maintain greenhouse gas emissions below zero despite diversifying our portfolio and processing more waste than before.


We already plan to broaden our recycling portfolio, including food waste gasification, waste sludge treatment and aluminium recovering. Stay tuned for updates and sign up for our newsletter here .