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We differ from our waste management counterparts in several aspects: we have the first and only pyrolysis (NewOil) setup in Singapore which is also ISCC PLUS certified, and our waste management facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy such as waste wood gasification.

This allows us to do our part for the climate crisis and operate with a 130 MT carbon negative footprint. 

 By investing in us, you invest in sustainability. 

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Green markets are on the rise— this refers to increasing consumer confidence towards the renewable energy market and the alternative fuel market. We also see a projected rise in biomedical waste from the demand of supplies due to COVID-19, as well as residential waste from the rise of e-commerce. Thus, there is an increasing need for waste management in these sectors. Additionally, the global CAGR across multiple waste management sectors (pyrolysis, sludge treatment, wastewater, hazardous waste) range around 4-7% as of 2021.

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Picture2 In the Singapore Green Plan 2030, one primary goal is to “reduce the amount of waste to landfill per capita per day 20% by 2026, and 30% by 2030.” At Environmental Solutions Asia, we serve to expedite the process in achieving this goal for Singapore. Many of our clients have also addressed the need to increase waste recycling and landfill avoidance as part of their ESG reports, and we help them do so with our processes. We have also set ambitious goals for ourselves by 2025, which include achieving 22,000 MT carbon negative emissions and a 60,000 MT landfill avoidance.

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