Chemical Recycling

Plastic Waste to NewOil

a second life for packaging waste

Packaging waste is diverse by nature and therefore complicated to recycle, particularly mixed plastics/materials. Moreover, plastic cannot be recycled infinitely: At some point in time, it ends up in incineration - or in the oceans of the world.

We transform plastic to fuel to generate the first 100% Singapore made NewOil. 

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Only 4% of all plastic waste in Singapore is currently recycled.

908,600 tons or more
plastic waste is incinerated every year.

With plastic-to-fuel pyrolysis, we harvest energy from plastic waste and give it a second life - NewOil! 

Did you know?

78,000 kgs of carbon dioxide are emitted 
for every m3 of Diesel from the oil well to market.

The combustion of one m3 of diesel emits around 2,650 kg of carbon emissions. In production, NewOil has a lower carbon footprint than fossil fuel. It is readily available and gives us time for the transition towards an even greener future!



An alternative to oil exploration

NewOil is a viable alternative to oil exploration as it avoids associated negative ecological and social impacts that are by nature similar to that of natural mining. 

Local production secures natural habitats and saves a lot of potentially dangerous transportation routes as well as carbon dioxide emissions.